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Ela Malkin (vocal, piano)
was born in Rostov-Don. 1968-1972 piano studies at the Conservatory in Czernowitz which she continued in Tel Aviv at the Academy of Music. Concerts, festivals, opera performances at the State Theatre HABIMA folowed. In 1976 she received a scholarship from the American-Israelie Society. In 1978 vocal art studies in Brussels ROYAL DE MUSIC with special diploma and in 1980 vocal art studies in Hamburg. Gave concerts in Austria and abroad.
Alfred Pfleger (violin)
was born in Vienna. Music studies at the COLLEGE OF MUSIC AND INTERPRETATIVE ARTS in Vienna. As a scholarship holder for gifted students he studied in Danzig (Poland). He received the Polish Broadcasting Price for Modern Music. 1976-1979 first violinist and soloist of HAMBURG SYMPHONIC ORCHESTRA. Production of radio and television broadcasting for NDR. Concertmaster of the "Vereinigte Bühnen Wiens".
Igor Pilyavskiy (accordion, saxophone, panflute, sopilka)
was born in the Ukraine in Kiev. He graduated from the Music Academy in Kiev and went on to train at the Conservatoire in Odessa. In 1987 saxophonist in the Big-Band of the Kiev State Circus. 1988-1991 member of the National Ukranian Broadcasting and Television Symphony Orchestra. 1991-1996 soloist with groups on various ocean liners. Since 1996 he has been a self-employed musician in Vienna with concerts in Austria and abroad.
Julius Darvas (double bass)
was born In Germany but his roots are in Hungary. He studied at the Conservatoire in Feldkirch and University of Music in Vienna. He is a member of Vienna Cityoper Stage Orchestra. In 2003 he has won the International Jazz Double Bass Competition Award in Budapest, where the main judge was John Pattituci. He is working in the different music arts - from classic to world music & jazz.
Martin Breinschmid (drums)
was born in Vienna. He studied at the University of Music in Vienna. Since 1985 drumer of the Original Swing Time Big Band. Since 1989 member of the "Vereinigte Bühnen Wiens". 1999 soloist at the Tokushima Festival, Japan. Work with: Wiener Johann Strauss Orchester, Camerata Salzburg, Wiener Salon Solisten, Klangforum, Los Angeles Philharmonic, Israel Philharmonic, Joe Zawinuls „Donausymphonie“.
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