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When a concertmaster from Vienna, a Jewish singer from Czernowitz, an accordeon player from Kiew who is a master on the panflute, a base player from Hungary and a drummer from Stammersdorf get together you create "World Music". A form of playing music, without borders and boundaries that reconciles and connects five cultures into a joint new form.

"These songs in Moll can be tears of joy or a smile amongst tears. The lyrics are modest in their simplicity, moving in their humour and profound in the way they express humility, joy or sadness. "Let it be mine", says a song, "Give me your suffering, befor you suffer andyour sadness, befor you are sad." Influences from all over the world unite in the che-mistry of Judaism to create something new and alive: KLEZMER MUSIC. Not simply the music of times past, torn from sunken world, but the music of someone wandering this planet. Now and forever"

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